Brands' White Label Tournament Viewership

Brands' White Label Tournament Viewership


Bud Light recently hosted an online tournament over 4 days where various streamers competed in a series of games, garnering over 60,000 views during the peak of the tournament. We explored how other branded tournaments have performed to identify if there is a formula to success.

Having partnered with FACEIT Ltd as their production partner, Universal Pictures' first Rocket League series brought in large viewership, being one of the only premiere-production Rocket League tournaments at that time.

On the other hand, the OMEN by HP event invited well-known professional Counter-Strike players to compete one-on-one instead of in their usual team setting, making for a unique tournament with a high peak and average viewership on the main broadcast channel.

Many of the other events featured also focused on providing entertainment for viewers by inviting celebrities, popular streamers or top esports personalities to play against each other for fun. Inviting streamers and allowing them to stream alongside the broadcast has the capability to boost viewership of the event (i.e. Bud Light and Chipotle Mexican Grill) though potentially taking away viewership of the main branded broadcast.

GEEIQ displays weekly average and peak viewership over 6 months for Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming across all our entities. Viewership is an important metric in gaming and esports as live streaming plays a big role in the industries, sometimes even more so than social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

You are also able to search through what existing partnerships other brands have within gaming and esports according. This is done by going to search and filtering partnerships according to your industry category or a specific competitor of your choice.