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Social Media Distribution Strategy: Combining the Total Reach of a Team

Social Media Distribution Strategy: Combining the Total Reach of a Team


When executing a social media distribution strategy, it is important to consider the social reach of the individual players of a team. There are not only great esports teams but also incredible players who’ve built strong personal brands.

When launching a campaign with an esports organisation, your brand should consider how to leverage the potential social reach of the individual players, on top of the organisation’s main social media pages.

It’s also fundamental to think about which audiences are being targeted, different players in the same team may attract audiences of different demographics.

GEEIQ monitors the social following of all opportunities on the platform. All opportunities are sorted by reach in search results and can be found at the top of each profile. If you sponsor an entity this is also tracked on your brand dashboard.

We have also rolled-up players’ total social media followings for you. Their combined reach can be found on each team’s profile under “Combined Player Followers”.