Total Partnerships in Esports since 2012

Total Partnerships in Esports since 2012


Since 2012, there have been over 6,396 unique team partnerships in esports. The number of new partnerships has grown each year between 2012-2018, but since the big surge in 2018, annual new partnerships have taken a slight dip.

We forecast there to be around 880 partnerships by the end of 2020 (-5% since 2019).

Fewer new partnerships is not a bad sign for the industry though, as sponsorship values are increasing, exclusive deals are now more commonplace, and brands are finding more creative ways to engage esports audiences.

Each team and event profile on GEEIQ is enriched with partnership information. For teams, this includes both past and present partnerships, while event partnerships are available for Premier and Major events and treated as a one-off basis.

In the future, GEEIQ aims to display sponsorships of influencers and content creators