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Top 10 Brands with the Highest Reach through Team Partnerships

Top 10 Brands with the Highest Reach through Team Partnerships


Partnership strategies for brands in esports and gaming can vary between going for large reach or penetrating a wide variety of localised markets.

Nissan has the highest social media reach via their esports team partners, by partnering with just 2 teams. Alternatively, Logitech G  and Twitch manage partnerships with 50 teams to reach a smaller but more diverse audience.

Just like traditional sports fans, esports audiences can have a tendency to support teams from their home country. Through their partnerships, Logitech G has a presence in up to 35 different countries, but this strategy could require a lot more management.

When signing up for GEEIQ, your brand will have a personal dashboard giving you an overview of all your current partnerships in the industry, and the roll-up of social media followings these partnerships give you. We also roll-up demographics and engagement so your brand can monitor which key markets you are engaging.