Our new identity: The metaverse as the ocean

Our new identity: The metaverse as the ocean


Charles Hambro, CEO & Co-Founder, GEEIQ

The metaverse is a vast expanse. We as humans aren’t able to grasp the full extent of it yet; from what it constitutes right now to what it will become in the future. After all, fear of the unknown is a central part of the human experience, and the metaverse evokes suspicion and fear for many.

So, when it came to reviewing the GEEIQ brand recently, we knew the concept of the metaverse had to be central to our identity. But how best to visualise it?

We took a step back and stopped thinking so literally.

Like the metaverse, the ocean was, and still is, packed with both opportunity and risk. In the infancy of sea exploration, early seafarers required the right tools and relevant knowledge to navigate the ocean successfully. At GEEIQ, we see the metaverse as being pretty similar.

Our starting point was simple: A drop of water is a brand, the body of water it enters is the metaverse, the ripples and waves this drop creates is the data that brand activations in the metaverse produce - the same data that GEEIQ collects.


After we defined this concept, the rest followed. This theme is woven throughout every element of our new identity, including the incorporation of a wave in the 'Q' of our new logo.

Our roots in gaming are present, too. The extended colour palette includes new, playful tones and our new website typeface is reminiscent of the dawn of the digital era.

This identity was designed to future-proof our brand during a period in which we foresee major growth for both GEEIQ, and the wider metaverse as fertile ground for brands to activate within.

Our mission is to become the single source of truth and decision making point for brands activating within the metaverse. Our new identity is one small but significant step in making that mission a reality.