Which Social Media platforms does the gaming industry prefer?

Which Social Media platforms does the gaming industry prefer?


In September, there were over 391,000 posts made by gaming and esports entities across Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. We looked at the key platforms that influential gaming entities are engaging with their audiences on, and how this affects the visibility of branded content.

Our analytics show that despite its low engagement rate, esports teams, gaming influencers and games themselves use Twitter more than any other social media. These posts are largely just standard tweets without additional media content such as stream schedules, updates to the game, or esports tournament reactions.

With Instagram and Youtube having lower post rates, it generates higher engagement and is great for media-focused content. Though, it is worth considering how your brand can further utilise the Twitter activity of your gaming and esports partners to create sustained brand exposure and continually be a part of the conversation.

GEEIQ monitors the social following of all opportunities on the platform. All opportunities are sorted by reach in search results and can be found at the top of each profile. If you sponsor an entity this is also tracked on your brand dashboard.

We provide a breakdown of social media following according to platform and over the last 6 months. We also track and calculate engagement on posts made in the past month on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.