Partnerships in the League of Legends Esports Ecosystem

Partnerships in the League of Legends Esports Ecosystem


When it comes to esports tournament partnerships, there are regional and global opportunities. Many tournaments like League of Legends esports, are publisher-run, while other tournaments for other games like CS:GO can be run by a third-party organiser.

In the League of Legends esports ecosystem, there are 12 regional leagues that lead to the World Championships, and another 10 leagues leading to the EU Masters. Here are all the tournaments in its ecosystem, and their respective sponsors.

In May 2020, in an effort to bring more opportunities for brand visibility, Riot Games announced a new way of displaying their tournament sponsors, using in-game banners on the game map. Global partners Mastercard, Alienware, Spotify and even Mercedes have been spotted on the rift.

When looking into partnering with tournament sponsors, your brand may want to consider how much exposure it will be getting, and how much of it will make an impact on audiences. If not, there are always branded white-label tournaments to consider - where your brand can have full creative control.

Each team and event profile on GEEIQ is enriched with partnership information. For teams, this includes both past and present partnerships, while event partnerships are available for Premier and Major events and treated as a one-off basis.

In the future, GEEIQ aims to display sponsorships of influencers and content creators.