Follower and Viewership Share of the Top Gaming Influencers in the Industry

Follower and Viewership Share of the Top Gaming Influencers in the Industry

The top 5% of gaming influencers command a following equivalent to 50% of the total social following of popular gaming content creators.

Gaming content creation is a booming industry, with the average number of live channels on Twitch almost doubling from 50,000 in January to 95,000 in October this year.

We conducted an analysis of gaming content creators who are mainly on Twitch and Youtube, excluding ones with less than 50,000 followers across all their social media channels.

The top 494 of content creators (or 4.7% the total) command the same number of combined followers as the remaining 10,000 creators in their field. Each of these creators has at least 3.2million combined followers across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter. These influencers include the likes of Pewdiepie (128m), Ninja (60m), Pokimane (50m) and Jacksepticeye (38m).

The top 20% of influencers amass the following worth 80% of the industry’s total followers. Each of these additional 1,700 creators has at least 690,000 combined followers.

Livestream viewership on Twitch paints a similar picture, with the top 100 streamers attracting the same amount of viewership as the remaining top 4,900 channels. 850 channels take over 80% of the number of viewers in a day, while others maintain smaller and more intimate viewer communities. Some of these top streamers are XQC, Shroud, Tyler1 and Hasanabi.

The industry is diverse and full of opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that engage and reaches large audiences. Large followings are aplenty in gaming, which is why GEEIQ provides brands with other essential metrics like demographics and engagement to identify optimal partners.

GEEIQ monitors the social following of all opportunities on the platform. All opportunities are sorted by reach in search results and can be found at the top of each profile. If you sponsor an entity this is also tracked on your brand dashboard. Use the "person" filter during search to only look at content creators and influencers.

We also display weekly average and peak viewership over 6 months for Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming across all our entities. Viewership is an important metric in gaming and esports as live streaming plays a big role in the industries, sometimes even more so than social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.