Gaming Influencer Engagement Rates

Gaming Influencer Engagement Rates


What levels of engagement do gaming influencers get across various social media platforms?In many cases, gaming influencers’ core audiences are on Twitch and Youtube, however, other social media platforms are also largely considered when activating branded campaigns.

Our analysis showed that gaming influencers outperformed general influencers in average engagement rate on Instagram and Twitter, but interestingly underperformed for Youtube.

This could be due to the following reasons

  • Gaming videos tend to be entertainment focussed as opposed to hobby-focussed, inherently making videos more of a viewing experience and less of an interactive experience.
  • Audiences of gamers’ tend to engage more on platforms where interaction with the influencer is more direct. For example, one core medium for audiences to interact with gaming influencers is through the live chat during stream broadcasts, where streamers respond in real-time and almost immediately.

On top of social media following, GEEIQ monitors engagement rates of posts by all entities across Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Engagement is an important metric to paint a complete-picture of entities and the value they can provide as partners.