The Growth of Gaming on Social Media in 2020

The Growth of Gaming on Social Media in 2020


How much growth has esports and gaming seen this year? We looked at social media followings of each of the top 100 esports teams, gaming content creators and games to find out.

Content creators have had the biggest growth this year, at 17.4% total average growth. Esports teams are close behind with 17.1% average growth and 13.4% for games.

Across all 3 entities, Instagram has seen the highest average growth of 27%. Instagram has been a big winner for everyone, especially esports teams whose pages grew an average of 33% this year alone.

Even though the perception is that Facebook is losing traction, it pulls ahead of Twitter when it comes to Influencers and Content Creators. This could be due to the big boom of gaming content creation in markets where Facebook is still popular like India and South East Asia.

Finally, despite facing more competition than ever, Twitch still saw more growth than Youtube across all 3 entities, having a 20.5% average growth this year, over Youtube’s 13.5%.

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