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How Important is Winning an Esports Tournament for Brands?

How Important is Winning an Esports Tournament for Brands?


We looked at the change in social media following for tournament winners in 2019 and determined that a win for a team is also a win for their brand sponsors.

Established teams have gained between 4-11% growth in their Twitter following after a tournament win. While underdogs or teams who pull off unexpected wins have seen at least an 800% increase in their Twitter following.

With team sponsorships, one of the prominent points of exposure is through having their logo on social media banners. Considering this change in following, that’s at least hundreds of thousands more consumers a brand has the opportunity to gain exposure to.

On top of social media following. GEEIQ looks at social media growth over a 6 month period to monitor and track all opportunities. Depending on your brand objectives, high-growth can be more valuable than a high following. This helps your brand identify the partners who may have the biggest potential in an activation.