Platform Feature Update: October 2020

Platform Feature Update: October 2020


As part of our goal to continue helping brands make more informed decisions and identify optimal opportunities in esports and gaming partnerships, we’ve implemented 3 new features onto our platform.

We’re excited to announce that GEEIQ now has Social Following over Time, Engagement and Viewership analytics.

These additional features help gives your brand a clear understanding of the expected reach of a campaign or partnership to ensure you reach your marketing objectives.

Social Following Over Time

We’ve taken social media analytics to the next level. For each entity, you can now see their following over the past 6 months. Gaming is a fast-paced industry, a game that has been out for 2 years may suddenly be the most-talked-about game online, or one viral video could boost a streamer to overnight fame. It is important to be able to spot trends of growth as decline can rarely be seen on social media, to identify the best partners for your brand.

Each entity’s profile will now show an overview of “Social Following over Time” over the past 6 months, which includes a breakdown for each social media platform along with their monthly percentage change.


To enrich our social media analytics further, we also now provide detailed engagement statistics on each post across made on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter in the last month.

Engagement is an important metric when identifying partners, showing the extent to which an entity is able to command attention and activity from their fans. Especially when it comes to branded content.

We provide a breakdown of the number of engagements each post receives, further broken down by the platform and the type of content posted (video vs. image). We have implemented the ability to distinguish between non-branded and branded content and show their respective engagement rates.

Live Stream Viewership

Lastly, a big part of the gaming and esports industry is live-streaming, sometimes even more so than social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Live streaming is an important medium that gaming personalities use to reach their audiences, and where there is room for a lot of creative brand campaigns to be activated. This makes viewership an important metric to factor in when identifying potential partners.

From tournaments to influencers’ regular broadcasts, GEEIQ now displays weekly average and peak viewership over 6 months for Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming.