Esports Teams with the Highest Growth over 2020

Esports Teams with the Highest Growth over 2020


GEEIQ has analysed 28 leading esports organisations (Over 1m in combined social following) and identified organisations with the highest growth in social media followings in 2020.

EVOS Esports, a South-East Asian organisation with a strong focus on content-creation started out 2020 with just under 3.5 million in combined social following but now has over 5 million. This puts them comfortably in the top 10 biggest esports organisations globally on top of having an extremely high growth rate. The team has even recently announced its strategic partnership with Visa.

The highest growing team of 2020 is NRG Esports. Founded in 2015, the organisation has made successful expansions into Overwatch with their ‘San Francisco Shock’ roster, and into Call of Duty with the ‘Chicago Huntsmen’. Paired with increased investment into content creation in games like Fortnite, NRG was able to grow their social media presence exponentially.

  • 28 leading esports teams since Jan 1st 2020
  • Average growth per team since 1st Jan - 17.5%
  • Average growth this year for the top 10 highest growth teams - 36%

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