Esports Team Following over Time

Esports Team Following over Time


Are the biggest teams here to stay? We analysed the official social channels of 28 leading esports organisations over the last 8 years.

We looked at the follower growth of some of the most popular teams with large followings across mostly Western social media platforms. This analysis factors in the teams’ followings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Weibo.

The data suggests that audience growth can often be attributed to the popularity of the games played and whether the team has invested in influencers, rather than simply winning tournaments.

The power of Fortnite: In 2018 FaZe Clan and TSM recruited some of the biggest and most upcoming Fortnite players. This resulted in TSM shooting up to reach 2nd place and Faze extending their lead even further.

Investing in Entertainment: It is no secret that the reasons behind Faze’s success are not just their esports teams, but their focus on providing entertainment through content creation. Other esports organisations are now placing increased emphasis on recruiting top streamers and content creators to grow their brand.

GEEIQ monitors the social following of all opportunities on the platform. All opportunities are sorted by reach in search results and can be found at the top of each profile. If you sponsor an entity this is also tracked on your brand dashboard.

We provide a breakdown of social media following according to platform and over the last 6 months. We also track and calculate engagement on posts made in the past month on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.