The Banking Industry in Esports - Q3 2020 Update

The Banking Industry in Esports - Q3 2020 Update


As of August of 2020, more new banks have gotten involved in esports than the entire of 2019.

In May, we conducted an industry analysis on the number of new banks getting involved in esports either through partnerships or campaigns each year. We predicted that 2020 would be on track to see around the same number of new banks as 2019.

3 months later in Q3, 2020 has already exceeded 2019. 7 new banks have formed partnerships in the industry, 2 of which are from a region where banks have not previously been involved - South America.

Of the 7 new banks, 4 of them have chosen team partnerships as their entry point. This includes Hana Bank’s recent sponsorship of T1, BS2 with both Vivo Keyd and Pain Gaming (2 of the biggest teams in South America), and Lunar with Astralis.

The remaining 3 banks have partnered with events or tournaments, including Erste Group’s sponsorship of the LEC and CTBC with the Pacific Championship Series.

As a brand, you are able to search through what existing partnerships your competitors have within gaming and esports according. This is done by going to search and filtering partnerships according to your industry category or a specific competitor of your choice.